Beatersville botton


Beatersville's will once again be hosted in Warehouse District of Louisvile at 15th and Main
Street. The Main Gate will be located at 1501 W Main Street.

The Tim Faulkner Gallery will host our bands,
1512 Portland Ave, Louisville, KY 40203

Click on the map below to get directions to the show from where you live.
The entry gate will be at the corner of 15th and W Main Street.
This will be the ONLY gate where you can bring in a show vehicle. There
will be walk in gates at Lytle and N 17th Street and N 15th and Lytle.

Tim Faulkner Gallery


Standing rules:
We have to keep some open lanes within the show area so please be mindful of where you are
parking and keep in mind that an emergancy vehicle may have to use that lane.

If you have to leave before 6:00 you will not be alowed to drive back in.

Once you get inside the show area park where ever you like but please note that we get
a lot of cars someone may block you in. If you feel
you might have to leave before the awards are over you should park near a gate.
If you do get blocked in and have to leave we will make every effort we can to get the cars
moved but we can only do so much, please be patient and think about where you are parking
when you arrive.

We try to get all the motorbikes in one area so if you see a crap load of bikes, that is where
you put your bike.

While you're in town check out some of our favorite
locally owned resturants and shops, check out our links