Award Winners 2017
Beater of the Year - Mikey Brown - 53' Ford F100
Miss Beatersville - Miss Tempest
Top American Bike - True Love Speed Shop - Harley Panhead
Top British Bike - Triumph
Top Asian Bike - Kacey Elkins - Yamaha RD350
Top Pick - Dave Gray - 32' Ford
Top Pick - Ben Smithson - 31' Ford Sadan
Top Pick - "Weirdo" Jim Walden - 55' Chevy Gasser
Top Pick - Anthony Lamas - 59' VW Beetle
Top Pick - Don Martin - 65' Chevy C-10
Top Pick - Glenn Fagin - 30' Ford Model A Coupe
Top Pick - Jeremy Begda - 59 Ford Custom 300
Top Pick - Taylor Inge - 60' Brookwood Wagon

#BestofBeatersville Award winner,
Shane Lile - Model T Sadan

Strait Axel Mafia Club Pick,
Andrew Blair - 50' Chevy

Grease Knuckles Car Club Pick,
47' Chevy Pick-up


Award Winners 2016
Beater of the Year - Patrick Hampton - The Panty Dropper
Miss Beatersville - Miss Gina VonDame
Top American Bike - Kyle Bertsch - 99' Harley Sportster
Top British Bike - David Witt - 69' Triumph 650
Top Metric Bike - Mike McFadden - Holy Moly
Top Pick - Doug Lewr, 1930 Model A
Top Pick - Gary Warren, 1932 Ford
Top Pick - Travis Lawsa, 1950 Baby Lincoln
Top Pick - Mike Russell 1940 Ford Coupe
Top Pick - Nick Thomson, 1962 Chevy Suburban
Top Pick - Ryan Johnston, 1959 Buick Invicta
Top Pick - Jeff Quiggel, 1956 Chevy Suburban
Top Pick - Ray Portman, 1957 Chevy
Top Pick - Brian Woods, 36 Ford Pickup
Top Pick - Barry Harsfield, 1930 Ford Model A
Top Pick - Bob McCarty, 1955 Cadillac Deville
Top Pick - Nick A, 1928 Ford Model A Coupe
Top Pick - Ellis Worth, 53 Merc
Top Pick - Chris Alridge, 55 Chevy
Top Pick - Ben Smithson, 1932 Chevy Coupe
Top Pick - Scuba Steve, 1958 Nomad
Top Pick - Rich Linder, 1949 Ford

Award Winners 2015
Beater of the Year - Steve Farmer, 1930 Chrysler
Miss Beatersville - Miss Kayla Leanne
Top American Bike - Ethan Stiles, 1948 Harley Davidson
Top Metric Bike - P Willis, Yamaha XS650
Top Pick - Alex Steelsmith, 1929 Ford Roadster
Top Pick - Mikey Sixtytwo, Chrysler 300
Top Pick - Rick Rusk, 1955 Chevy Gasser
Top Pick - Ellsworth Wolf, 1931 Model A
Top Pick - Mike Mondrella, 1932 Ford 5 Window
Top Pick - Jeff Schimpf, 1929 Ford Model A
Top Pick - Billy Windburn, 1940 Ford Pick-up
Top Pick - Patrick Hampton, The Model "A"nus
Top Pick - Tony Camodica, 1953 Cadillac
Top Pick - Jessica Franzen, 1958 Edsel


Award Winners 2014
Beater of the Year - 1930 Ford Model A Coupe, owned by D. Debaar
Miss Beatersville - Miss Marie Monroe
Top Pick - 34 Ford Truck, owned by B Starks
Top Pick - 40 Ford Coupe, owned by F. Cain
Top Pick - 66 Buick Riviera, owned by A. Williams
Top Pick - 36 Ford Truck, owned by M. Krummen
Top Pick - 65 Chevy Chevelle 300, owned by S. Todd
Top Pick - 31 Ford Model A, owned by B. Miller
Top Pick - 35 Ford Truck, owned by B. Terry
Top Pick - 31 Ford Model A, owned by B. Smith
Top Pick - 36 Ford Truck, owned by R. Koenfetr
Top Pick - 39 Chevy, owned by H. Tucker
Top Euro Bike - Triumph 650, owned by N. Noble
Top Asian Bike - Yamaha XA, owner unknown
Top American Bike - 68 Flathead, owned by N. Noble
Club Support - Whiteknuckles CC


Awards Winners 2010
Beater of the Year, 30 Ford A Coupe, Owned by Dorr Johnson, MI
Miss Beatersville, Missy Kitty Pratt, TX
Best Finish, Oldsmobile
Best Engine, Blown Small Block in a 48 Chevy Coupe, Owner Gary Brown
Best Shoebox, 54 Chevy, Owner David Trent, Moorehead, KY
American Motorcycle, Custom Chopper
Japanese Motorcycle, 71 Honda CB450 Owner, Scott Hablieb of Louisville
European Motorcycle, 67 Triumph, Owner Roddy, TN
Best Traditional, 40 Ford Sadan
Best Truck, 48 Chevy
Club Support, The Dread Naughts
Best Non-motorized, Lacy Lucielle, Owner Lil’t Bill, IN
Best Gasser/Race car, Dodge Demon, Owner JR French


Award Winners 2007
Miss Beatersville, Missy Anne
Beater of the Year, Gary Warren, Model A Roadster
Primer Job, Dice, Ford Coupe
Engine, Jason Grimes, Hemi
Rat, Rocky Hodges, 1960 Volkswagon
Shoebox, Ms Metal, Chevy Coupe
American Motorcycle, Brad Bomersbach, 1953 Harley
Non American Motorcycle, Jay Wesley, Kawaski
Traditional, Brain Barr, 46 Chevy Coupe
Truck, Benny Leach, 34 Model A Truck
Club Support, VooDoo Kings
Non Motorized, Warren Ray
Youth Non Motorized, ?
Pin striping, Chris Harman, 33 Plymouth Coupe
Lil Miss Beatersville, Sailor Blandford
Fat Daddys award, Joe Moore, HD Custom

**** If the promoters do not feel your car fits the show standards your car
may be denied entry.

Beatersville Car and Bike show standards:
Ok folks, we are going for a traditional style show. The way it was done
through the early 70's, get it. If your car has an 8 track player your in
but cd, dvd, flat screen, we'll catch you next weekend at another show.

If you car is covered in modern technology, this isn't the show for you and you
will be turned away. Now we ain't saying that you had to forge your own engine,
somethings are going to pass, but it still has to stick with the style
of the show, period correct..

Billet is bad, yeah, yeah, its fancy and works right, but it isn't for this show.

Unfinished, we understand, and that is what this show is about. You can't stay in
the garage all the time!

Trailer Queens, forget about it. There will be dust all over the place at this show and
we wouldn't want your precious car to get dirty!! REALLY NO TRAILER QUEENS!!

Motorcycles, don't have to be pre 68, but still must fit with the style of the show
chopper, bobbers, what-have-ya. NO BILLET!!

Non-American Cycles, yeah we don't care if it runs on rice or tea and crumpets, but
the same style standards apply.

Another thing, I have heard some folks say, well I would like to bring my car,
but I have a nice paint job. Hey man, we ain't saying your car has to be in primer or unfinished.
What we're saying is that it should be as close to period correct as it can be.
We like shiny paint too!


Miss Beatersville

Please register prior to the weekend of the show. To register, send an email to or by US mail to: Beatersville, 120 Webster St, Suite
115 Louisville, KY 40206. with your Name, "Miss" name or alias, age, hometown,
and anything you think maybe interesting, or that you would like the voters to know,
i.e., dancing, roping a steer, play harmonic, what-have-ya, and a photo for the website.
Each eligible contestant will be introduced to the crowd on stage during a band brake
prior to the start of the contest. Contest starts at 1 PM. If you are not there by 1 PM
you will be disqualified. Voting will be by crowd response. Each of the excepted
Misses will have a collection box for collecting votes at a central location, a vote is a
one dollar bill. The Lady the that gets the most votes, will win all of the other contestants
vote money and will be crowned "Miss Beatersville". You can have a vote up to a five
dollar bill that counts for five votes, voters can only vote once. Any Ladies
caught cheating will not be told. If we find that you have cheated, we will just take you
out of the race and your votes will be given to the winner at the end of judging.
Any Ladies that enter must give up there votes at the end of the contest.
It is all or nothing. Please refrain from anything that you wouldn't do in front of your Grandmother.
This is a family event so no lewd behavior.
Contestants are encouraged to have your photo taken for a vote, or a
photo with a car for a vote, etc. Ladies can stay at the central voting location to encourage
voters, but once again, please use discretion no bad behavior.
Ladies are not required to stay that the central voting location. Feel free to roam the crowd
and encourage voters. Miss Beatersville will be crownd after the awards ceramony, all ladies
should be on-site. If the winning contestant has left, the next highest vote count will win.
In the case of a tie, there will be a final vote guaged by crowd response at the crowning.
The contestant that has the loudest cheers from the crowd as gauged by the judges will be
crowned Miss Beatersville.


Must be eighteen years or older and a valid state drivers license will be required before participating. Must sign Beatersville release form.
No cheating, anyone caught cheating will forfeit, without notice.
No lewd or aggressive behavior to voters, other contestants or Beatersville staff.
One vote per person. Votes = One Dollar Bill, a voter can vote up to a five dollar bill
that will counts as five votes.
Any discressions will be up to the judges and their word is final.